What Will Deena Do as a School Board Member?


School budgets reflect our community’s priorities.  We must make sure Anchorage School District funding from the State and Municipality is used wisely, maximizing funding to the classroom where interaction with students occurs. We must also improve policies to recruit and retain our amazing teaching workforce. At the state legislative level, education funding needs to keep up with inflation, and be passed early enough to stop the crazy annual pink slipping of our teaching workforce.


Communication: Teachers, Parents and Administrators

Communication is a key to student success.  Open dialogue and transparency between teachers, parents and community, the Administration and the School Board are essential.  I’ll continue to reach out to parents and local organizations to bridge the communication gap between parents and schools.  I’ll support teachers and staff in communicating with the School Board and Administration without fear of reprisal.  I will work to create a culture of collaboration, since it takes all of us – parents, educators, community members – to raise our children into contributing community members.


Education Tied to the Economy

Our graduating students will become the foundation of our state’s workforce, so our School District’s success is directly tied to supporting our state’s economy.  Supporting student success either through career, technical and vocational training; post-high-school education; or on-the-job-training opportunities, will best prepare students for Alaska’s workforce and support our state’s economy.


Safe Schools

Students and teachers must have a safe learning environment. We need to take into account emotional and physical safety as well as the school building and its infrastructure. Schools should be managed to be free from all forms of bullying, and that takes good administrative leadership. We should deploy effective security measures and protocol at every school, including security technology that prevents harm from natural, physical and social events that might threaten the school and community.