About deena

Deena is a passionate advocate for every student! 

    Deena believes the Anchorage School District can do Better

    Create a Learning partnership

    • Students become lifelong learners
    • Develop strong critical thinking skills  
    • Each student graduates from the ASD with a plan for success in their next step in life

    Engage parents + community 

    • Intentional, comprehensive 2-way connection between schools/students and families/community
    • Develop community mentors

    Support teachers on the frontline

    • Most important relationship for students
    • They are closest to issues and solutions
    • They are the face of our schools 

    As statewide coordinator of Great Alaska Schools, Deena works to make sure that “Educating Alaska’s Children” gets the focus and resources it deserves

    • Listens to the concerns, issues, and priorities of parents and students, and respects different points of view. 
    • Advocates to state legislators in hearings, in their offices, in the hallways of the Capitol, and in their home districts, for adequate funding and appropriate legislation. 
    • Meets with educators, superintendents and school board members throughout Alaska to understand their local issues and learn about innovations and successes 
    • Attends ASD board and committee meetings, and meets regularly with Superintendent Bishop as well as other administrators, board members, specialists, etc. 
    • Presents on education advocacy to PTAs and community groups, professional associations, and many others. 
    • Stays informed by attending professional and community meetings and keeping up with national education news and innovations.

    committed to working with state leaders on education

    • Participated in Governor Walker’s 3-day, statewide meeting in June 2015: Building a Sustainable Future: Conversations with Alaskan 
    • Served on Tribal & Community Ownership Committee, Alaska Education Challenge 
    • Participating in ASD “Board Leadership Academy” 

    Deena has the skills needed to guide the large and complex Anchorage School District 

    • Masters degrees in Economics and Finance 
    • Graduate of Foraker Group’s “Catalyst” Leadership Program