Deena Mitchell is...

committed to strong schools so every student achieves their potential

Committed to strong schools so every student achieves their potential

Deena Mitchell is a parent advocate for all students and a founding member of Great Alaska Schools, a statewide coalition of parents and community members that champions public education. She is a public school graduate and holds a MA in Economics and an MBA in Finance. Deena is the parent of three Anchorage School District students.

Why Deena is running for school board

“I passionately believe in public education! Educating our young people is one of the most important functions of government. It is the heart of our democracy and the foundation for a strong economy. That’s why I’ve been a very involved parent throughout my three children’s educations, and that’s why I’ve spent the last four years advocating for Alaska’s school children through Great Alaska Schools.

I will bring my depth of experience and education to guide pro-student district policy as an Anchorage School Board member.  I’ll always advocate for policies that support our roughly 48,000 wonderfully diverse students in achieving their potential.  I’ll make sure the Anchorage School District supports our 3,400 amazing teaching professionals and almost as many other staff members, and will encourage strong parent involvement and good communication as keys to school success. When we create a good system of supports for students, parents, teachers and administrators, our students are best able to fulfill their potential and become the next educated workforce for the state.  Working together, we’ll create a bright future for Anchorage schools and Alaska.”

-Deena Mitchell
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